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Recent news

Conferences in Glasgow and Edinburgh     On Thursday 14th March at Glasgow University 300 people heard former British and Israeli diplomats and distinguished journalists speak on ‘The news from Gaza: dispelling myths and telling the truth’. 

On Sunday 17th March at Edinburgh University 400 people heard politicians, former diplomats and others speak on “Tragedy in Gaza: Britiain’s Legacy, Scotland’s Role”  looking at some of the history of Britain in Palestine, the current situation in Gaza and what Scotland and Britain should be doing now.  John McHugo spoke on Britain’s historic responsibility to the people of Palestine, Gaza and Israel below is a clip from that talk.

The Edinburgh conference concluded with a ‘Scottish Call to Action’ from the Balfour Project. The Call was presented by Sir Vincent Fean, British Consul-General, Jerusalem 2010-14, now Chair of the Balfour Project and read by Christine de Luca  Edinburgh’s Makar from 2014-2017

On 7 July Meretz UK invited Sir Vincent Fean to explain why the British Government can and should now recognise the state of Palestine alongside the state of Israel.

On 26 June One Voice Europe invited Sir Tom Phillips (former Ambassador to Israel) and Sir Vincent Fean to debate Britain’s role in Israel/Palestine today.

On 24 June Ardi Imseis, Leila Sansour and Sir Vincent Fean made the case for recognition of the state of Palestine at a meeting in Parliament.

Recent articles

We continue to add articles on British and American actions pre 1948. William Mathew has three articles on the recognition of Israel by the United States in 1948 Part l, Part ll and Part lll and he has added a private memo by Evan Wilson secretary to Anglo American Committee of Inquiry in Palestine.

Ian Black reviews Mathew Hughes on the British suppression of the Arab revolt of 1936-39.  Hughes summarises the British army’s pacification as ‘devastatingly effective,’ based on emergency laws that went unchallenged because of the absence of any indigenous legislature (and which were inherited by the state of Israel in 1948).

Articles touching on the subject of recognition of Palestine and the two-state solution which are reprinted here: Tony Klug writes:   Is There a Plausible Alternative to The Two-State Solution?  and Ian Black: Britain needs to recognise Palestine as an independent state :”It’s time to get off the fence and resolve this most toxic of global conflicts.”

But do read some of the older articles such as Anthony Nutting’s Britain in Palestine, a legacy of deceit one of the first papers put on the site but still in the most read.

The aims and objectives of the Balfour Project

The Balfour Project hopes to achieve a much greater public awareness of Britain’s historic and current responsibilities in the Middle East, and in particular its role there in the first half of the twentieth century.

The Balfour Project accordingly invites the government and people of the United Kingdom

  • to learn what the Balfour Declaration and Palestine mean for both Arabs and Jews,
  • to acknowledge that whilst a homeland for the Jewish people has been achieved, the promise to protect the rights of the Palestinian people has not been fulfilled,
  • and to urge effective action to promote justice, security and peace for Israelis and Palestinians.


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