Times letter, 13 September – The Oslo Accords, 25 years on: time to recognise the state of Palestine alongside Israel

“Sir, It is painful now to recall the hope we had in the Oslo Accords. Twenty-five years on, cynicism and resignation rule. The Israeli occupation since 1967 has become so entrenched that it is hard to see  beyond it. There is a better way, …” Read More

Balfour Centenary Declaration

The centenary of the Balfour Declaration is the time to reconcile peace with justice for both Israelis and Palestinians, consistent with the principle Britain claims as her own: equal rights for all under the law. … Read More

Report of Britain in Palestine – 70 Years on.

20-page booklet is now available containing the speeches at the conference of the Balfour Project in partnership with King’s College London (see below). The booklet also includes the Balfour Centenary Declaration, which has now been signed by 141 British public figures including 83 Members of the British Parliament. Copies are available from media@balfourproject.org. We are happy to supply up to 10 copies free of charge to help the growth in understanding of the challenges facing Israel and Palestine. Please send your address and the number you would like. We are a volunteer organisation, with meagre resources, and  we need your support so please:


Please look at the report of the event, and video of the full conference.

Ambassador (ret.) Ilan Baruch writes:

….the act of recognition of the State of Palestine alongside Israel by the international community led by the British government, is essential. Today there is need for .. leadership by the British government: recognise Palestine.

Ambassador (Ret) Alon Liel, former head of Israeli Foreign Ministry calls for Britain to recognise Palestine

The Balfour Project’s conference commemorating the 70th anniversary of the creation of Israel and the Nakba was a remarkable event. Below is  a 20-minute YouTube of highlights.

Held in May in partnership with King’s College London, the conference took place at Bush House in the Strand. Over 200 participants heard heart-felt talks from Israeli, Palestinian and British people active in the struggle for justice and reconciliation in the region.

The focus was on Britain – the role Britain played leading up to the events of 1948, and what Britain can do now.

One speaker – Alon Liel, former Director-General of the Israeli Foreign Ministry – was subsequently invited to write an article for The Guardian, which was published under the heading, ‘The UK must act to counter Trump’s destructive Jerusalem decision’. In the article he outlines why he believes that Britain’s recognition of Palestine as a sovereign state would bolster hopes of peace in the Middle East and preserve Israeli democracy.

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