Forthcoming events

Most of these are not organised by the Balfour Project but Balfour Project speakers and film are in several.

August 11th – 19th 2017 100 Years of Balfour  Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Sept 23rd 2017, Cheltenham  A Day conference to mark the centenary of the Balfour Declaration

October 7th 2017 Palestine-Britain-and-the-Balfour-Declaration-100-years-on. British Library, London

October 21st 2017 Britain-in-palestine-1917-2017  Liverpool, One hundred years of broken promises

October 21st 2017 Tantur Study Day on Homeland?  Exploring the heritage of the Balfour Declaration

October 31st  in Westminster Central Hall The Balfour Centenary: Britain’s broken promises. Learning from the past for the sake of the future

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